Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Been a while

since i last posted on here, been a bit busy with several games.

After Gears, Fifa 12, and F1 2011, i brought, forza motorsport 4 on its release day. amazingly i have only played it once. so far i think the achievement list is fairly easy. i have accquired 17 of them in a couple hours, leaving 31 to go.

they seemed to have improved it, and while he wont always be to everyone's taste, Jeremy Clarkson adds great depth and passion to the opening movie to this game and adds some great commentary in autovista mode, which i dont think adds that great a deal to the game. yes the cars are pretty to look at and you can explore them, but it would be easier to find these out on the internet, and to be honest, clarkson and co at top gear do just a good job of listing everything on supercars before handing it over to the stig.

speaking of top gear, the track is much different to what i remember, i never realised it was a figure of 8, online races could be carnage if you can get a team mate to block and potentially take someone out as the two tracks cross over, and said point is pretty quick going in both directions.

good list of tracks, varying from real, (Indianapolis Motor Speedway, Laguna Seca, Mugello, Suzuka, Nurburgring, Silverstone) to some classic forza 3 tracks, iberia, is the only one i can remember of the top of my head. One of their featured tracks is the Bernesse Alps, which can only be described, as an increible job by turn 10.

In good racing cars, the kind that you would see at le mans, and the track is incridibly quick and challenging at the same time. not to mention stunning to look at. Graphically the game is amazing, plays well, with or without the aids.

the top gear events so far i have encountered have only been the car bowling, which has fun. oh and not to mention there is top gear fabled car football. i am looking forward to that whenever i get around to playing it.

Now some of the achievements in the game look like they are going to take ages, and i need to find out just what the hell is a unicorn car.

It is being added to my list of games you need to play before you die. Turn 10 deserve that much of your time.

i have been playing a lot of fifa 12 recently, with my pro club Soup a Star5.

somehow last year, this team would be 50-50 in terms of results. this year we have been getting the results and we are top 1000 material. we just need to keep this form out.

scoring goals isn't our problem, its keeping the oppo out of my goal, as im the goalie. im getting better but, i still could do with a couple of defenders to help me out back there.

Thats all for now, keep gaming and producing moments and games to keep me talking.

regards, Mason Cooper

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