About Us

Joe Feery

Im Joe Feery, 15 years old from Keighley, England. Been playing games since 2003 and have mostly been playing sports games since then, I do play a few shooting games though! Not the most expert gamer, but I try! The games I play the most are Call of Duty and Madden. I hope you like my posts!    

Mason Cooper

My name is Mason Cooper, but you already knew that. I am 23, a keen gamer, not that good, (although i do think that im gods gift to gaming, it often turns out quite the opposite. keen supporter of leeds united and the indianapolis colts. i hate gamers who rub it in by tea bagging, not killing you in gears, dont play by the rules, etcetc. i dont mind being beaten by a good gamer, in a tight close fought encounter, i will always be the first to offer a virtual handshake, although you have to do with a gg message.