Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Fifa 12 Pro Club

Hey all, I'm am one of the General Managers for my Pro Club in Fifa 12, it is one of the most popular game modes out there in all of gaming, think I prefer Horde more though.

Anyhoo here's a bit of information on my Pro Club, The Soup a Star5

We were formed around new years day, as the Leeds Colts between myself, (MasonCooper42) and my good friend, DeadlyDemon666.
Over the next few weeks we won our first cup and added some great players, 01 Hellraiser, BigBadBird95, Holmsey91 and developed some great chemistry between us.
Over the next few months we added other players such as Tristano1995, LUFCRyan, Chiefy2times and x iL u c k y 7 and continued on a great run winning 4 cups in one day. we found we could do well but were so unlucky without a full time keeper, we found we could be undone rather easily.
in july we made the last additions to our squad filling out our midfield in a 4-3-3 formation, with BOA x Assassain, boy matt and WombRaider83 bringing great depth to our passing and attacks through their work in midfield.

we finished fifa 11 with a record of 308 wins, drew 47 times and lost 384 games.
not all of us have been able to accquire fifa 12 so far, but those who have, gave combined to put us into the top 1000 of the world.
Regular Players on squad. Position stated afterwards. Formations posted below so work out what position you would like to play and contact me or one of the fellow gm's on fifa, on here, or post in our thread on here.
We are a committed team that look for fun, our primary purpose is to win, although we tip our hat to a good team that can beat us through skill.

we play a number of formations based on the players we have.

most of the time we play 4-1-2-1-2. Another good time we play 4-3-3 (2), and recently we have been playing more of the formation 4-1-3-2.
We do lose games, and have lost about just over 50, but to all those elitest bastards on there, (havent encountered any on this site) if you dont want to play with us because we have lost some games, go fcuk yourself as you really need a life.
we have won more games than we lose, and are nearing the 100 win mark.
and to those who may not join because of our win loss record, we are here to recruit people to improve our chances of winning. As we dont like to lose.
Our primary need is defenders in my opinion, some of the other members slightly disagree when we are at full strength.
although you can never go wrong with a two or three defenders

Edit: We are know Playing more of a 4-2-3-1 formation. Looking for GK, DEF,
DeadlyDemon666, Central Defensive Midfield. General Manager. Club Captain (first choice for captain in game lobby)
MasonCooper42, Left Back (Second Choice Captain) General Manager.
Holmsey91, Striker. Fifa 12 Club Creator. Also General Manager
01 HELLRAISER, Striker/Central Attacking Midfield. General Manager
boy Matt, Striker/Cam
x iL u c k y 7, Striker/CAm
Reckanise, Left Centre Back
WombRaider83, Striker/Central Attacking Midfield.

These are the Teammates, i'd prefer it if you contacted me through the offical channels, here or through xbox live. 

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