Tuesday, 27 December 2011

It's Late but

Merry Xmas, It's a bit late from most people's xmas day but still, happy wishes and all that.

I got, Kinect Sports Season 2, Assassin's Creed: Revelations, Batman: Arkham City, and Saints Row the Third.

I also accquired the games Red Dead Redemption, Red Dead: Undead Nightmare and Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary just before Christmas.

So I am going to be playtesting these games vigorously through the next two weeks hopefully, and get towards a decision on these games and whether they are (firstly worth your time to play, and whether or not it is a mandatory purchase)

Secondly, I will be conducting with joe, via Twitter mainly our review of the gaming year that was 2011. except cheap jokes, and well lots of references between the industry and our game of the year!!!!

Sorry about not posting here, been busy, and will be busy over the next couple weeks. Playing games, Dog Sitting, sleeping, eating, buying a new bed, tv and tv stand.

Remember folks, anything you think me and joe should look at in the gaming industry, let us know, and we'll look into it.

Also remember to show us any or all the great gaming moments

Remember to keep gaming

Regards, Mason and Joe, The Gaming Issues Team.

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