Monday, 5 December 2011

change of slight pace

My Perfect F1 Calendar

1. Australia. Melbourne. Albert Park, is great track
2. Malaysia. Sepang. One of the few half decent Tilke Tracks. Soon he will have over 50% of f1 tracks.
3. Bahrain. BIC. This is a good track, DRS will significantly improve this track this year.
4. China. Shanghaii. Biggest population and market of all. Track is medium-alright, but they need more fan input and attendance.

5. Turkey. Istanbul Park. Great Track, but same as china, need more fans.
6. Spain. Valencia. Get rid of Barcelona track, Its rubbish these days, that chicane eliminates drs, at the only overtake spot, and the teams know far too much about the track for it to be interesting.
7. Monaco. Really, need i say more?
8. Canada. Montreal. Gilles Villeneuve Circuit. This should never leave the calendar ever. When was the last bad Canadian GP? Go on i dare you to think right back to find one

9. Britain, Silverstone. I think I've made my point here.
10. Germany. Nurburgring. Much better track than Hockenheim.
11. Hungary. Classic Track, First to accept Formula 1 behind the iron curtain in the 80's and i think it stays for a long time yet.
12. Belgium, Spa. If Bernie gets rid of this, he needs to go, and be shot, thousands of times, brought back to life, and then shot again thousands of times.

13. Italy. Monza. I dare you bernie to get rid of this. I dare you. Just don't drop the soap in the italian jail.
14. Singapore. This isn't as bad as the track i thought it would be. It's great as an event.
15. Japan. Suzuka. Again, try and take this one away without an FOTA riot.
16. Korea. This track is brilliant. If Bernie was less about money, and more about the product this race can work.

17. India. New Dehli. This Track is awesomely fast, and quite cool. but we need the fan turnout, or just sachin tendulkar to show and it should be a sellout. 
18. Brazil. Interlagos. Great track but i'd get rid of if they attack the mechanics. You can't guarantee the teams safety. No race. Period. I'd go to argentina.
19. USA. Texas Road Course. Jury's out on this one.
20. New York Street race. The one in 2013, I'm liking this one so far.
21. Abu Dhabi. The poetic juxta-position of the sun setting on the f1 season is too much for me to put it anywhere other than the season finale.

I also have no idea where you would put the russian gp, though i imagine its august time? But the russian track looks terrible to the point where you'd fancy your chances overtaking at monaco more than russia. seriously. here is the layout.

what i would do is merge F1 and the IndyCar series. can you imagine f1 cars going around ovals? as that would almost instantly crack america. by merging the two series it would become a major challenge to the drivers, making it a more appealing to young kids all over the world.

And more importantly some of F1 biggest markets have raceable ovals.

Germany. 2 Mile Tri-Oval
Britain. Rockingham. One and a half mile oval track. This one has a unique shape.
Japan. Motegi. These fans need a second race. they make the italians look like the chinese in terms of support.
There's also this considering where Bernie wants to go

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