Wednesday, 28 September 2011

About me

My name is Mason Cooper, I'm 23, from the United Kingdom, and I am an avid gamer. i also love sports, and quite a few comedy tv shows.

I follow with a passion, the Indianapolis Colts NFL team, and in soccer, I follow the mighty Leeds United, and have since I was a lad.

I love watching sports as it is for the most part, unwritten, you do know what you are going to get. a few days before i make this post. my nfl team the Indianapolis Colts, played a game against the Pittsburgh Steelers. Now without Star Man Peyton Manning, we had lost both previous games, and hadnt looked like winning. So much infact i had picked against the colts for this game expecting the steelers to walk all over us. The colts defence played with such pride, skill, determination, that they single handedly kept the colts in the game, all game, losing right at the end by 3 points.

I remember my first gaming console being a super nintendo, with the good old cartridges instead of discs. i remember having one of the super marios, i know this was 1993 at the earliest.

In 1994 my grandmother brought me a Sega MegaDrive for my 6th birthday and i havent looked back since. playing games as much as i probably could get in the day.

Through my years with my Nintendo 64, Playstation1, Playstaton 2, Xbox and Xbox 360, and countless weeks worth of hours logged racking up kills, skills, wins, losses and deaths,

I joined Xbox Live in 2009 with my current gamertag MasonCooper42, and have currently racked up over 34000 gamerscore.

I enjoy shooters, but i like to think im better than i really am, but when i am playing well, beware.
I also play a lot of sports game, and am not shabby at some of those too.

Keep Gaming and providing many subjects for me to tackle throughout the gaming industry.

Regards Mason Cooper

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