Wednesday, 28 September 2011

First Post

My name is Mason Cooper, and I play rather too much of computer games, seriously i cannot get enough of them. I play on the Xbox 360,  and i have acquired a lot of them over the previous 15 years of gaming. i have seen major changes in the industry, from the use of graphics, to the point where they can make your jaw drop, from financial strategies from Microsoft and ea to get more of your money, to the use of the internet to enhance your gaming experience.

In the near future, while I sort out the layout and potentially the name, among other things relating to this blog, I will be tackling the major issues facing gamers, and tactics used by the companies leading the industry to improve their games. You may also find the odd game review in here as well.

My Gamertag on Xbox Live is MasonCooper42, contact me if you want to organise a match in the future.

So until I sort this blog out visually, (you might not notice a difference) this will be all for now. So for now i must direct you to my twitter account/feed, whatever you want to call it. @MasonCooper42

Regards for reading, and keep gaming, shooting, tackling, winning, flag capturing, cursing, fragging, pwning, and arguing about issues that keeps the gaming industry and this blog among other things red-hot!

Mason Cooper.

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