Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Cash Strapped.

Are you cash strapped? Then you may feel depressed if you also a gamer reading this.

Do you long for gears of war 3, forza motorsport 4, cod modern warfare 3, saints row the third, fifa 12, f1 2011, halo combat evolved anniversary, mass effect 3, deus ex human revolution, skyrim?

got a job??? No damn, why cant game companies spread these titles out over a 12 month period instead of going for xmas? okay some of these games have come well early, but 5 of those games i listed all come out within a month of each other #skint

I mean titles like Call of Duty, and Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim, (which come out on the 8th and 11th November respectively) could get away with it as they are really big names. but i mean forza motorsport 4 is a big game for the xbox 360, but with just a week or so after the two previous games mentioned, (that are going to sell the old metric fcukton of games, guaranteed) consumers are going to be strapped for cash, especially are microsoft are going to be launching a brand new accessory for the 360 in their new wireless wheel, which looks rather special btw.

The problem with some many big name titles in such a little time, is the casual gamer, that dosent game often. They may only buy one or two titles a year, and as such, are going to go for the best titles available, and in the UK, that generally means people are going to go for a soccer game, (Fifa) and are going to go for a major title, like a cod, gears of war, or halo.

Which leaves the serious gamer, like you and me, who probably isnt going to go out till new years eve, to save up as much money as is humanly possible to get all of these games.

which is probably where you go.

"MUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM??????? i been a really good boy this year....."

"Shut Up Son, your a grown man, buy your own shit."

oh and in October you can throw in the big battle of Battlefield 3 to the mix as well.
May the battle for your hard earned xmas cash starts now, or has started already.
Hopefully this should mean we get more excellent games to play throughout the holliday period.

Keep Gaming, Or saving up in some cases.

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