Wednesday, 30 November 2011

These Rumors.

These rumors about the third generation of Xbox Consoles starting leaking/being rumored from June the 14 when game developer Crytek announced two things, firstly announcing the development of Timesplitters 4 for next generation consoles, (Wii U Launches rather soon at time of publishment) (Editor's Notes: Before anyone asks, we know that new consoles are coming, but when is the question, now back to ever increasing intro) 

Where was I? ah yes, Crytek not so long after Crysis 2 announced Timesplitters 4 but more importantly it confirmed, not suggest, but COMPLETLY CONFIRM the existence of Microsoft new money maker. And that it will be revealed sometime in the next year, possibly at E3 2012.

Before than, I joined a site called (Ed: think where all achievement hunters/whores gather to trade secrets and to work together to achieve them) where one of the major features of the site to me, was the ability to create your own blog. (Which essentially is a word document on a site) My first post around March and which was 3 months before the announcement was this about the next xbox. I wrote this and now I am copying the link am and going to analyse it.

I am going to focus purely on the features, as the main one I suggested in the blog post and resulting forum conversation, i argued for the bbc iplayer and channel 4 and 5 intergration. Now I would of loved that before to be included in the next gen Xbox, Microsoft are implenting it in just 6 days as I type this. Among other things of course.

Microsoft are implenting Youtube, Bing search, BBC, Channel 4, Channel 5, LoveFilm, UFC PPV's into the Xbox 360 ever increasing range of media services available, and this is just in the United Kingdom

Now as i stated above in my previous blog post , I don't know just what Media packages Microsoft have agreed to help offer in other locales, (Admission that's lazy on my part, but i digress, even if I did research it would take longer to research what offer service Microsoft could offer in each locales that Xbox Live operates)

So far, lets assume what being added in 6 days, is to stay for good on the live service.

The entire list for the United Kindgom, right now for the next generation stands at ...

  1. Sky Player. (BSkyB are the biggest TV group in the UK, that you have to pay for) This player adds a good edge to the Xbox Live service, providing live sports, movies, drama and their prime time shows. One Service that the player does not offer, is their anytime service on their satelite box, where they allow you to catch up on any programs you may have missed recently. (perhaps this could be an upgrade for the next Xbox)
  2. BBC iplayer. (BBC are probably next biggest and are provided for by the british taxpayer) Unlike Sky, this does not include live television, but it is an exclusive catch up of all your television, this service will be a great additon to the Live service.
  3. Channel 4 On Demand, (I am not sure of the names of this and the next service, but I am fairly sure of their purpose.) On the other major digital television providers in the UK. Virgin run this service very very smoothly. It again is the same as the BBC Iplayer only Channel 4 shows. Channel 4 do not produce a lot of shows themselves, Infact I don't think as a studio, Channel 4 produce any shows. They do buy the rights to broadcast nearly all of the shows.
  4. Channel 5 On demand. Same as the previous 2.
  5. Twitter. I think this is a slightly watered down version of the site as I do not believe currently on the xbox version of Twitter you can view pictures from sites linked to like In the next edition of the 360 I would like to see a full fleshed out Twitter with the ability to view all pics (barring those who have child protection on. (I'm Looking at you Hayley Williams))
  6. Facebook. We have an incredibly watered down version of this, we can update status, view status updates of other people, comment on those, and view pictures and that is it. Now I am not sure how many Serious/Hardcore/Plays More than the average guy would accept this but flesh the entire facebook experience by including possibly Xbox only versions of farm town and most of their games, allowing the devleopers to increase their coding experince by making 3d versions of text based games like Zombie Slayer, and Galaticos Football. Although I am pretty sure these mentioned games are created and developed by 3rd party companies. 
  7. LoveFilm: Xbox Live already has a film rental service.Zune I believe it is called. LoveFilm is essentially the same service and a more well known service. Now I have never used the service but I have never heard a bad thing about the service. They commonly brag in their adverts about having over 30,000 films for you to rent. This will be a great addition to the Xbox Live Service. It will use Microsoft Points and if you don't have the points you cannot rent I think, I'll confirm when I get the chance to sample it.
  8. This Service is superb already and dosen't need anything changing. What happens is you search for a musical artist and the service streams a song of their's with accompanying pictures to enlighten the song. Then the service finds another band that has a similiar style and genre to the first artist and plays you one of their songs, before repeating with several artists. This service is great at finding new musical interests for whomever uses the service.
  9. Youtube. What I think will be intergrated into the live service is the ability to watch videos, but not much else. We won't be able to upload our own gaming videos, without one of the most commonly used methods to upload videos. For the next generation, My first point of the next list will cover this. I want to be able to upload our own videos.
This is what Microsoft already have/are implementing into the 360. What they may or may not have considered is a number of different things. I will list a few things that I would like to see tomorow when I have had proper time to research and prepare my list of things to add.

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