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Gaming Moments: My First Superbowl

Superbowl  Post.

My Gaming moment was created on the original Xbox console, and was played on the game ESPN NFL 2k5, made by the guys at 2k sports. The game was obviously a Superbowl, I believe it was Super Bowl 40, and the game was played out by the Philadelphia Eagles and the Indianapolis Colts. Now with the rosters at that time, the main story of this match up if the game were real would be the inclusion on the Eagles squad of Wide Receiver Marvin Harrison. Legend for the Colts.

How this came about was the season before I traded #88 to the Cardinals for Anquan Boldin and Larry Fitzgerald. I thought that was a fair trade. Weirdly I remember that season the Eagles had put Corey Simon up on the trade block and for some strange reason the Cardinals traded Harrison.

Anyhow, I was happy with the wide outs I had, and advanced to the super bowl on the back of great defending and a solid offense.

To the Super Bowl we went and I was confident, nervous, (it was my first Super Bowl) match up. I won the coin toss and elected to receive the second half kickoff, had been winning when receiving the ball to start the second half and I was more confident in my defence over my offense.

So the Eagles start the game after a touchback and go swiftly back to the sidelines after a three and out. I run Edgerrin James into the ground on the first drive with 7 runs for 42 yards and the opening score coming from Manning to Boldin down on the goalline on an out route.

A kick after and it was 7 nil and my confidence e is soaring. The Eagles are facing a third down and ten. And now the nightmare begins. Donovan McNabb drops back and looks deep to Terrell Owens,  fakes the throw and goes deep down the other side to Marvin Harrison. My defender, Nick Harper misses the Interception and Harrison goes for the game tying touchdown. 7-7

I get the kickoff and I make the defender miss, I. Could. Go. All. The. Way. But there’s a defender and forces a fumble, and I can’t pick it up and the Eagles pick it up at their 8 yard line. Harrison beats Harper at the line of scrimmage and makes the catch and runs past the safety on his way to a second touchdown.  14-7
I then start my next drive at my twenty yard line and ran it 3 times picking up two first downs, and then threw an interception, of which the defender stepped out of bounds at his 48 yard line. McNabb starts tearing my defense apart picking up first downs at will, hitting T.O and Harrison at will. McNabb makes it 21-7 hitting T.O for a 7 yard TD.

With Two minutes to go in the first half I threw my third interception and it was returned for a touchdown to make it 28-7.

After messing up the kickoff return, I had 1:38 minutes to go and 94 yards to travel. I went to my go to play hitting Larry Fitzgerald for all 94 yards on 8 catches to pull back to 28-14 at the half.
I decided on a change of gameplan for the second half deciding to go throw, run, pass, run, and wouldn’t change this unless I had to, like throw on 3rd and 14 for example.

Grabbed a first down with the first throw to Reggie Wayne, and then Edge picked up 8 yards following a stiff arm. Back to Reggie who picked up another 15 yards, and then Edgerrin James again picked up good yardage on 1st down. Went to the other side for my pass to Anquan Boldin who picked up 12 yards and a first, and then Edge then picked up a first down with 11 yards. I then hit Reggie Wayne for the Touchdown. 28-21 and right back into it.

First play of the second half for the Eagles is an INTERCEPTION. Nick Harper you beast, tackled immediately but boom. Now I am at their 25 yard line and looking good to tie it. Only I didn’t. 3 and out, but Mike Vanderjagt, Sorry I nailed the 42 yard Field Goal to pull within 4 points.

McNabb goes crazy now throwing ten straight times down the field, picking up tons of yardage and eventually hits up Marvin Harrison for his 3rd Touchdown leading to a 35-24 scoreline. With about 7 minutes to go it looks bleak, but this story is far from over.

I get the ball back and get 32 yards on back to back runs, and call a pass at the right time, as the Eagles send 8 men on a blitz and I just get the ball off to Reggie Wayne getting the ball to the Eagles 18 yard line. Edgerrin James scores on the next play to turn it into a 35-31 ball game.

McNabb starts another drive and with 4 minutes left gets sacked for the first time, Dwight Freeney finally shows up with a monster sack forcing a huge third down. Next play Mike Doss, you beauty, INT baby. Edge gashes them for 21 yards on three runs to take me to the 35 yard line. I hit Reggie Wayne for his 14th catch of the game to take me to the 8 yard line as we hit the two minute warning. Edge runs down to the two yard line as the eagles take a timeout. With 1:54 remaining in the game edge takes it to the outside stiff arm, TOUCHDOWN I GOTTT THE LEAD BABY WOOOOOOO! Extra point and it’s a 38-35 ball game, but wait, there’s more.

McNabb is now rightly pissed, and starts tearing the defense apart. Again, down a field goal and moves to 50 yard line. Freeney gets a sack, and then McNabb converts a 3rd and 18 to Owens. One Minute to go, 38 yard line. McNabb calls his own number and gains 15 yards on a scramble, 20 yard line. Calls timeout. Marvin Harrison makes a grab on the ten yard line and gets tackled on the 8 yard line. 40 seconds to play. McNabb drops back, fires looking for Owens and, (hang on is that free agent pickup Andre Dyson jumping the route) Shit it is. INTERCEPTION, and he’s off, HE. COULD. EFFING. GO. ALL. THE. WAY, 50, 40, 30, 25, 20, 15, 10, 5 GET IN TOUCHDOWN. (CAPS are what I said at time, just edited so it’s broadcastable) TOUCHDOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 45-35 Colts. 21 seconds to go.

McNabb soldiers on and gets his team to the 21 yard line with ten seconds and a timeout left. I just send the entire defence at him and get the sack. Timeout taken. 5 seconds to go. They’re obviously going for it. So I send the entire defense again, and Dwight Freeney ends the superbowl with a hattrick of sacks.
Reggie Wayne gets the mvp award with 14 catches, 200+ yards, and a Touchdown.
This game was played in about 2005-2006. I cannot remember the exact date, but I will always remember this game. This is just one of the moments that make computer games so great, and these moments is why I enjoy playing the games. If you have a moment that is funny, or a great comeback or just a great hoorah moment, then let me know and I will invite you to write it up and publish it on here.

Regards and Keep Gaming, Mason Cooper 42

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