Thursday, 24 November 2011

It's been a while

It's been a week since I last spoke here. Err damn you Skyrim, where has my life gone? you ask. Into creating a monster tank character in Skyrim, I had originally created him to be into two handed weaponry, but grinded out my blocking to level 100. Which coincidentally does get rather good, so I've scrapped that guy to properly create a bad-ass tank with level 100 Heavy Armour, Two Handed Weaponry, Smithing ( I want that dragon armour damn it), Alchemy, Enchanting, and Restortation Magic, as good as the armour will be I may still need healing.

The game is so addictive, I put in several hours a go into this game, and to think I was never going to get, on the suggestion of another well respected games journalist not only have I gotten this game, I went and got the predecessor Oblivion Game of the Year edition as well.

I have a few minor gripes about the game but that is exactly the point, they are so minor you cannot really complain about them, as I have said it is far too easy to level up your characters in what you want.

Take the new Tank guy I made, and Tank is his name no less.

Heavy Armour/Blocking is the same easy grind, takes a while, (doing both together might take about 5 hours) go out around the central city of Whiterun, (first big city you come to, you cannot miss it.) look around the outskirts to the north and there should be a river, (Editor's note: There are multiple places in what I am describing, but the strategy remains the same.) The river in question is near a mission you pick up from Whiterun. On this river there may be or not, but hopefully for you there should be a MudCrab.

Annoy it and it should attack you, as a low level set your healing spell up to active, and just let it continually attack you until you badly need to heal, run away slightly and heal at the same time, it may only take about 15 hits from the mudcrab to level up heavy armour. Restoration takes a while but it has been empowered, regenerating mana/magicka faster now, and at double strength/half magicka needed to cast spell. it's more effective, as you will find it harder to come by magicka naturally without potions, and if you do this for any extended period of time you will run low on potions and if it is after you become Thane of Whiterun, dragons can swoop in at any time, at any place.

Also big tip remember to save your game every ten minutes or after every time you level up. Especially if you push the boundaries of your endurance and the mudcrab unleashes it's special attack of a double attack and kills you, all your progress will be undone.

oh and do not get me started on the Dragons. sheesh.

You cannot just play skyrim, it is recommended but you really need to buy this before you kick the bucket.

Am currently working on a post about the gears of war series and why you should play them. Once I've properly done skyrim, i'll review it properly.

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