Sunday, 6 November 2011

Spoiler warning for Modern Warfare 3

Ok, who isn't getting the same game for an 6 year in row, just me?

Spoiler alert!!!!!!!! for those of easily offendable taste, dont read on.

ok in all seriousness, I am sure many of you remember The "No Russian" level in Modern Warfare 2. For those who don't know and this is a spolier although you can skip it, your character was undercover as a terrorist and to maintain cover you had to participate in an attack on an airport, slaughtering innocent russian civilians. Although you didnt have to fire it must be said.

There is a scene of similar distaste although this one is much more gut wrenching as a) it is a cutscene and b) once you have started this cutscene, there is absolutely nothing you can do to stop this.

The scene will start with you character in the level shouting where are the trucks.

I believe that this is a level ending scene, and it is set in London. You jump to a family of three americans and view through the video camera the father is using, recording his daughter's delight as they approach Big Ben, about two blocks away. 


A Home removal truck will appear and blow the little girl and her mother up before releasing a cloud of toxic gas.

I feel this is a touchy subject, but having seen it, Inifity Ward have dealt with it well, making the kids death very quick. But for those who wouldn't know what exactly is coming in mw3, it will cause some feelings gamers never realised they had.

you have all been warned!!

I will be comparing this to the controversial scene from modern warfare 2 on Tuesday when I have had time to emotionally get into the game and see how it effects me.

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